Welcome to the METERology Demo Site.

This is intended purely as a demonstration of the type of bespoke pages that can be developed to suit your organisation. The full METERology solution includes a website of standard pages for interrogating and analysing your energy data.

Clicking on a location will display a live display for the energy use for that site. These pages refresh every minute and new data will be added every half hour. These pages are being driven by live electricity data.

Hovering your mouse over the bar chart will display a tool tip with detailed consumption and the associated cost for each period. This can also be configured to show the equivalent CO2 cost.

Clicking on the METERology logo at the top of the page will return you to this page. You can return to the METERology website by clicking here.

If you are accessing this from your iPhone or you would like to add METERology as an App you should navigate to http://demo.meterology.co.uk/idefault.aspx and then select "Add to Home Page".